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What Causes Crooked Teeth?

If you’re wondering why there are certain types of people who have crooked teeth while others have perfectly straight teeth, you’re not alone. There are plenty of reasons to explain why this happens to a person. The good news is that crooked teeth can always be corrected with the help of an orthodontist in 33062. 

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Facts About Crooked Teeth


Crooked teeth exist because the problem has been passed on from one generation to the next. Crooked teeth can be caused by genetic issues that are passed down from one family member to the next repeating the cycle with each generation. Even with good oral care and proper dental hygiene, some people still have crooked teeth because of genetics.   

Thumb Sucking

Studies have shown that children often suck their thumbs during the early stages of their lives, often grow up with crooked teeth. This is because the pressure from sucking the thumb consistently prevents baby teeth from forming and growing correctly. When this habit continues until their permanent teeth start growing, crooked teeth are more likely to develop.  

Facial Injury

Facial injury at a young age involving damaged teeth, gums, jaw affects how your teeth will grow in the future. Some causes of crooked teeth can be attributed to this reason, especially when the trauma is not treated correctly. Facial injuries that involve tooth loss in younger patients often result in crooked teeth or misaligned bites.  

Misaligned Jaw/Teeth

Having a misaligned jaw or teeth will result in not only crooked teeth but also overbite and underbite. This condition can also be attributed to genetics and sometimes trauma at a young age. The good news is that this type of condition can be treated with orthodontics with the help of your orthodontist.   

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