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Is Sleeping With Dentures Ok?

When you get new dentures, there will always be a lot of queries about what you can and can’t do with them. Whether it’s talking, eating, or engaging in other activities, taking care of your dentures in Pompano Beach is easy. While it’s simple to take care of your dentures when you’re awake, managing them at night is a different ordeal.  

One of the top questions when dealing with dentures is whether or not you can wear them while sleeping. We recognize that getting new dentures has many questions, so we hope this post can address some of the most often asked queries about sleeping with dentures.

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Common Reasons Why Sleeping With Dentures Is Bad

Take a Break From Chewing

The answer to whether or not you should wear your dentures to bed is usually no. The reason why you should remove your dentures while sleeping is to give your gums a break. It is strongly advised to take out your dentures before bed because excessive use of them could result in other oral health issues.   

Raises the Chance of Illness

An increased risk of diseases and ailments, including pneumonia, as well as troubles with gum inflammation, tongue plaque, and dental hygiene, have been linked to wearing dentures while you sleep. Additionally, if you don’t clean your teeth, take care of your gums, and remove your dentures at night, you’re fostering the growth of oral bacteria.   

How to Maintain Your Dentures While You Sleep

Even though you won’t be sleeping with your dentures, you still need to take care of them before you sleep. The following should be a part of your cleaning routine:  

  • Brush your dentures using a solution made for them to get them clean.  
  • Overnight, soak your dentures in warm (not hot) water.  
  • Rinse your dentures after waking up before placing them back in your mouth.  

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Where to Find the Best Dentures in Pompano Beach

Park Plaza Dental should be your first stop if you want to find and learn more about dentures. Remember to remove your dentures before bed and clean them to prevent the growth of bacteria and infections. To know more about our services, contact our dedicated team today!

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