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How Smoking Can Affect Your Teeth

While plenty of people are aware of the extensive harm smoking can do to their teeth, gums, and mouth, they continue this habit. It’s one of the primary reasons patients undergo teeth whitening in Pompano Beach, and it’s also the cause of certain gum diseases. If you want to know more about the effect of smoking on your teeth, here are some facts about this bad habit.

smoking and Teeth Whitening in Pompano Beach

What Effects Does Smoking Have on Your Teeth?

It Encourages Tartar and Plaque Buildup

Saliva removes debris and food from the surface of your teeth, thus keeping your mouth clean and free from stains. Smoking, on the other hand, fosters the growth of oral bacteria because tobacco products include substances that dramatically lower saliva flow in your mouth. The bacteria-filled plaque on your teeth and along your gum line thickens as you smoke.  

It Heavily Stains Your Teeth

Your teeth’s enamel projects a pearly white surface for your tooth. While your teeth’s surface might appear solid, it could develop tiny cracks that aren’t visible to the naked eye. These cracks eventually absorb everything you put in your mouth as they deteriorate with time and use.   

The nicotine and tar in cigarettes soak into these crevices each time you smoke them, quickly discoloring your teeth. Unfortunately, no amount of flossing, mouth washing, or brushing will stop these toxins from embedding themselves in your enamel. This is why smoking a pack of cigarettes daily won’t allow you to preserve naturally white teeth.   

It Results in Bad Breath

The smell of cigarette smoke stays in your teeth, cheeks, and tongue. Additionally, it leaves behind chemical elements in your mouth that, when combined with saliva, give off a foul stench. Although practicing good dental hygiene can assist you in addressing the problem, quitting smoking is the most effective strategy to eliminate cigarette breath.

smoking and Teeth Whitening in Pompano Beach  

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