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How Does Oral Health Affect the Immune System?

Dental health influences our gums and teeth and our immune system. According to dentists in Pompano Beach, good oral health improves our general well-being and, more importantly, our immune system. Your oral health and immune system have an underlying relationship that’s sometimes overlooked and taken for granted.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a way that will help you improve your dental health. We’ll be able to learn more about how to take better care of our bodies as we learn more about this topic. Here’s how your immune system is affected by your oral health.

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Bacteria and the Immune System

The Effects of Gum Disease on Your Immune System

Bacteria that build up in and around your mouth raises your risk of contracting a serious bacterial illness. These bacteria-causing substances may harm your teeth, but they may also impair your immune system. Your immune system may be weakened due to your body’s defense mechanism being diverted to the disease in your gums.

Your immune system may become weakened as your gum disease progresses. If your mouth is constantly inflamed because of bacteria, your immune system will be focused on that area and not on the other infections in your body. If you’re having trouble controlling your gum disease, you can seek aid from oral health professionals to reduce inflammation and disease.

How Can a Mouth Infection Affect the Rest of My Body?

Your body has a limited number of white blood cells; it will become less effective when dealing with other emergencies in your body if your immune system is compromised. The rest of your body will soon crumble to various diseases because your immunity is focused on one specific place.

Infections caused by gingivitis and other periodontal diseases are some of the major causes of oral health problems that could weaken your immune system. Mouth infections can also impact your eating habits, which are a direct source of nutritious meals. That’s why keeping your mouth healthy is the key to maintaining an overall healthy body.

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Our Dentist in Pompano Beach Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

Like any part of the body, oral health requires regular checkups and maintenance. Here at Park Plaza Dental, our dental health professionals are highly skilled in performing all kinds of dental procedures. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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