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Orthodontics Facts That Are Going to Blow You Away

Orthodontics has come a long way. Today, the treatment time is significantly shorter thanks to improved technology. The designs are also more comfortable and convenient. Ask your orthodontist in 33062 during your next appointment, and you’ll be shocked to discover all of the exciting and fascinating improvements for orthodontics that you might not have known about. 

where can i find an orthodontist in 33062?


Facts About Orthodontics That Will Make Your Jaw Drop


How Metal Braces Work


Before orthodontists apply braces, they will first explain to you how they work. If you opted for metal braces, your orthodontist will put individual brackets on each tooth. The brackets are cemented into place using a special adhesive.


Attached to the brackets are wires that run across your teeth. These metal components work together to apply pressure on your teeth until they eventually move and straighten.


Braces Have Been Around a Long, Long Time


Believe it or not, the concept of braces goes way back to ancient times. According to archeologists, Egyptian mummies wore braces. Of course, the braces weren’t as modern as the ones we have now, but they worked just the same – to move your teeth until they reach their proper positions.


Instead of a bracket, ancient braces consisted of metal bands. Pressure from the metal bands allowed their teeth to move.

where can i find an orthodontist in 33062?


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